Welcome to the first livejournal community of JJ Feild!

So, I'm known of my lack of keeping my communities (icontests) alive, but I thought that since this is a allround comm I should give it a try. Especially since there was no place of him on lj yet. I waited. A couple of months, but still nothing. So here it is =D

Here you can post news, pictures, graphics, fanfictions and other squeeing fangirl things, as long as it is related to Mr. Feild!

When posting, make sure you use tags! For example: if you post pictures of Ruby in the Smoke, than please tag it like this: pictures: ruby in the smoke. The same goes for news, icons etc. This will keep the comm clean and you'll be able to search things easier. Use a lj-cut after pictures larger than 300px and 4+ icons.

Want to be an affiliate? No problem! Just leave the name of your journal/comm in a reply, add us to your affiliate list and we'll add you back! :)